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Green Building Design & Commissioning (GBDCx) Consultants Pvt Ltd

Address : Shop 4, Plot 57, Sector 44, Seawood West, Navi Mumbai - 400706.(Design Office)
Telephone : +91 7777 039 686
Hand Phone : +91 8291 573 005
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Contact Person : Mr. Raees Jafri, CPD, HBDP, CPMP, IGBC AP, Member IGBC, ASHRAE & ASPE

Brief description Product / Service :

GBDCx Offers Technical Consultancy service in helping clients during Design and Installation of Geothermal Cooling/Heating systems like Ground-Source Heat Pumps & Water-Loop Heat Pump Systems.

GBDCx also provide Technical consultancy for Thermal Energy Storage for Cooling& Solar Energy System-Photovoltaic.

Green India Building Systems & Services (P) Ltd

Address : Green India Building Systems and Services Pvt Ltd, Office No. 621, Avior, Nirmal Galaxy, LBS Marg, Mulund(W) , Mumbai - 400080
Telephone : +91-22-66739231
Fax : +91-22-67103258
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Brief description Product / Service :

GIBSS offers Geothermal Cooling, LED Lighting and Hot-water Cogeneration systems to effectively target 80% energy consumption of large commercial buildings.

Our Geothermal cooling system delivers operating cost savings of 40-50% on Air-conditioning. 

The key advantage for the Geothermal system is:

a. 100% water efficiency there will be net zero use of water (The conventional systems consume immense quantities. E.g. a corporate office of 1 lac square feet would consume ~20 million litres/year)

b. Energy efficiency up to 30% energy savings vis-a-vis a conventional water cooled system and 50% savings vis-a-vis an air cooled system

c. Total avoidance of use of hazardous chemicals typically used in cooling towers

d. Low maintenance and high usage life (>50 years)

For instance, the Indian School of Business, Mohali is set to save 

INR 6 million annually on their HVAC operating expenditure. The annual savings are in terms of 550,000 electric units, 17 million litres of water and 44,000 kg of hazardous chemicals. That results in an annual carbon foot print reduction of 820 tonnes of CO2!

Our Hot-water Cogeneration system replaces boilers and LED lighting replaces halogens, CFLs and tube lights. These solutions deliver more than 50% savings as against conventional systems.


Our other prominent accounts include: Tata Communications, Birla Furukawa, The Leela Group, FourSeasons, Marriott, Novotel, RPSG Group, Kanakia Group, Duet Hotels and The Shell Technology Center.We offer a pay from savings option, so our clients enjoy net savings immediately upon commissioning of the systems without significant upfront investments. We also offer performance bank guarantee for assured savings, on all our projects.

Some Interesting Facts on GIBSS Winner of Climate Solver Award 2012 from WWF Sankalp 2012 award winner for the Most Innovative & Sustainable Company in The Clean Tech & Clean Energy Sector Winner of Indo Africa Fellowship supported by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India Winner of Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2012 Winner of TIE 2010 One of the Winners of  Samsung CNBC Innovation Quotient Season 2

Facts on GIBSS Savings till date

8 million electrical units per year (KWH)

77% in direct energy consumption

150 million litres of water consumption per year

9,000 tonnes of carbon footprint equivalent to planting 

5 Lac saplings

24,120  labour hours per year