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3M's Tubular Daylighting Guidance System (TDGS) effectively transport sunlight into interior spaces while cutting out heat and harmful radiations through the following three pronged process:


Collect: A dome shaped structure with a specialized optical system that efficiently captures sunlight from multiple directions, collects and redirects it downward into the duct below. The collector ensures that the intensity of sunlight captured remains similar in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


Transmit: The light is then carried through a duct for several meters deep into the interiors of the building. The inner surface of the duct is made of a 3M patented material that possesses highest reflectivity, minimal loss and negligible colour shift (even in cloudy conditions). It has the highest visible photopic reflectivity (greater than 99%) which is an exclusive to 3M.


Diffuse: Enables uniform light spread and control in interior spaces. The unique 3M diffusing lens design reduces glare and eliminates hot spots, and because of the optical-grade plastic used, the film does not alter the colours of the transmitted light.

The 3M Tubular Daylighting Guidance System (TDGS) is designed to meet needs of building code mandates as well as green building code certifications such as the IGBC's Green Building Rating Programs and the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design designation. The system offers the potential to reduce a building's energy demands during peak hours, when rates can be at their highest. In addition, the system can improve the well-being of people in the building, as multiples studies have shown that daylighting has a direct impact on productivity and satisfaction.

Skyshade Daylights

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