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Ekam Eco Solutions

Address : 516 A, IInd Floor, IGNOU Road, Saket , New Delhi - 110068
Telephone : +91-98 1603 1603
Hand Phone : +91-95999 28614
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Contact Person : Mr Manjeet Singh - North & South ; Mr Vimal Islaniya - West & East

Brief description Product / Service :

  • Urinal Care Bio Blocks - CARE (Enzyme based solutions) - Pee Screen in urinal pans 
  • Odo care (Fresh) - CARE (Enzyme based solutions) - Biological odor controller
  • Restroom care - CARE (Enzyme based solutions) - Biological washroom cleaner
  • CARE (Enzyme based solutions)
  • Drain Care (Restroom) - Biological Degreaser
  • Drain Care (Kitchen) - Biological Degreaser
  • Surface Care (Enzymic) - Multi-purpose Cleaner
  • Stain Care (Non Enzymic) - General cleaning and Odor control
  • Odo care (Concentrate)

FMC India Private Limited

Address : Embassy Star€™, I Floor, No.8, Palace Road, High Grounds , Bangalore - 560052
Telephone : 080-40099300/88
Hand Phone : 098410 50525
Fax : 080 - 2238 5255
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Contact Person : Mr. S Venkat, Regional Sales Manager

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Johnson Diversey India Pvt Ltd

Address : A-8, Laxmi Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex , Mumbai
Telephone : 022 - 6644 4222
Fax : 022 - 6644 4223
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Website : www.
Contact Person : Ms. Mala Jhavar, Manager - Communications

Lemmens Shardlow (I) Pvt.Ltd

Address : 404, 8th Main, 12th Cross, Sadashiv Nagar, , Bangalore - 560080
Hand Phone : 09371061789
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Contact Person : Mr Hiren Pancholi (Mob: 09371061789)

Brief description Product / Service :

BioSol Greezgard (Drain Lines and Grease-trap Maintenance)

Patented Bio formulation BIOS 3112 in BioSol Greezgard degrades and eliminates organics found in the drain lines and Grease Tap. BioSol Greezgard Is The Easiest Way to Keep Grease Trap and Drain Lines Clean and Out of Trouble. These are specialized BIOS 3112, patented bacillus strain which is extremely effective in degrading Long chain fatty acid. BioSol Greezgard for FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) provides both a cure and preventative treatment for even the most problematic Grease traps and drain lines.

Biosol Septikleen (Septik Tank Treatment)                                                                                      

Do you think about your septic tank? Most of us don't until we're reminded by embarrassing odors or costly, inconvenient backups. The beneficial microorganisms in BioSol Septikleen, through biodegradation, help alleviate the buildup of wastes and organics in the septic system. BioSol Septikleen uses the same processes found in nature to break down a wide range of wastes and organics, helping reduce odor, pumping frequency and maintenance. With BioSol Septikleen your septic system is out of sight �?�¢�?â?¬�?â?? and out of mind. BioSol Septikleen maintains or reactivates septik treatment plants, prevents blockages and eliminates foul odors. It enhances quality of treated water suitable for recycling for Gardening, Flushing and Cooling towers.

BioSol Portakleen (Portable Toilets, Rv's Maintenance)

Portakleen is a multiple spore blend formulation specifically designed for Septic Tank/Portable Toilets/Marine Holding Tanks. Portakleen is designed for use in portable toilets, recreational vehicles (RV's) and marine holding tanks to accelerate the bio degradation of organic wastes and reduce odors

BioSol Multikleen (Deep-clean floor and hard surface cleaner)

BioSol Multikleen is ideal for deep cleaning and daily maintenance. The beneficial microorganisms,  penetrates deep into cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces to degrade a wide range of embedded residual organics and soils which conventional hard surface cleaning solutions typically leave behind, to give visually cleaner surface. BioSol Multikleen is suitable for manual application or with scrubber dryers, rotary brush machines. It does three jobs of cleaning, sanitizing & deodorizing in one application. BioSol Multikleen has an important application for Washroom Hygiene maintenance. Bio-Formulation in BioSol Multikleen prevents the urinal clogs and keeps it odor free to keep the washroom clean and fresh throughout the day.

BioSol Freshin (Dual technology for odor control)

The advanced Bio-technology of Freshin captures malodors for immediate odor control while beneficial microorganisms which inactivates odor causing micro-organics through safe chemistry by binding odor molecules while the enzymes provide long term residual effects. Freshin eliminates odor at their source for long lasting odor control. BioSol Freshin removes stains and odors from carpet, fabric, and upholstery when used with Injection extraction machine. It also helps in removing smoke odor from the source.

BioSol Trakleen (Deep- clean for Hydrocarbons/Petroleum based oils spill floors)

This is a unique, quick acting biological formulation that removes stains resulting from petroleum products from all hard and porous Industrial surfaces. It is fully biodegradable and completely environment friendly formulation. It is an excellent degreaser for cleaning porous and Epoxy coated Industrial floors. It is ideal as maintenance cleaner for tools & equipment.